Project No.: 62 ⁄ 2017

Final Registration Code: PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0715

Program: 4 – Basic and frontier research

Subprogram: Exploratory Research

Project Title: High performance technology for the development of novel 3D stem cells-matrix systems for guided tissue regeneration of complex oral   tissues lesions

Project Acronym: STEMATECH

Total Funding Requested (LEI): 850.000,00

Project Duration (month): 30

Contracting Authority: UEFISCDI


Project Leader: Prof. dr. Otilia Zarnescu



High number of scientific studies indicates the immediate need for new solutions in the treatment of damaged connective tissues from periodontium, since guided tissue regeneration market products showed variable efficacy, depending on the shape and size of the defect. A major issue in application of mesenchymal stem cells is their low rate of survival after implantation. In this context, STEMATECH project aims to develop a high performance technology for obtaining novel 3D cell culture systems based on spheroids from dental pulp stem cells (DPSC) cultivated in a biomimetic matrix engineered from extracellular matrix components, intended for regeneration of complex oral tissues lesions. The specific objectives target improvement of DPSC spheroids morphological and functional characteristics, investigation of complex interaction stem cells-matrix and 3D system functionality testing in several experimental models of inflammation, oxidative stress and tissue regeneration. The impact of this interdisciplinary project refers to added knowledge in regeneration mechanisms after data integration from complementary activities of preparation, characterization and testing. The elements of originality and innovation contain a thoroughly study of DPSC properties in correlation with patient age and cell cryopreservation. A comparative study of spheroids versus stem cell cultivation in a 3D biomimetic matrix will be performed for the first time, giving insights for novel tissue engineering strategies. An important outcome of this project will be results dissemination in journals with high visibility in the field and a patent demand. The project proposes optimization of a large variety of techniques, light and electron microscopy, immunocytochemistry, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, in order to assess the efficiency of DPSC-matrix systems for treatment of complex oral tissues lesions.



  • Optimization of DPSC cryopreservation parameters for improving cell functional properties
  • Setting reproducible conditions for engineering 3D biomimetic matrices of biotechnological interest
  • Selection of stem cells spheroids variants with optimal properties
  • Functional analysis of 3D stem cells-matrix systems for modelling cell differentiation and adhesion properties
  • In vitro testing  of secretome role in ECM remodelling by cellular screening
  • Demonstration of 3D system functionality and utility using in vitro developed experimental models
  • Dissemination and valorization of results in visible journals, patent application, webpage and reporting